Vajazzling and Sexual Health

I’ve caved on this fine Monday afternoon to write about something that has emerged in various media outlets recently: vajazzling. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, it’s actually exactly what it sounds like. Bedazzling meets your vagina.

Crystals are specially glued onto your Brazilian waxed vagina in patterns ranging from the “traditional” triangle to about every shape in the Lucky Charms cereal box. The purpose? Well, I’m at a loss there. Maybe you think it’s sexy, or maybe your partner finds it dazzling. Though it seems to be reserved for those who can afford it and mildly famous celebrities, if it’s making news, it raises the question of just why so many of us are insistent on changing that particular part of the body.

Why is there such a stigma around the vagina? We don’t want it to be hairy, we don’t want it to smell like a vagina, and we’re so obsessed with amending what it looks like but we can’t manage to talk about what goes in it. We don’t want to talk about actual sex or sexual health, just sexual appeal. So this post comes down to three things – if you’re on the road to vajazzling, you better have passed these three checkpoints first:

1. You’re getting tested for STDs and you’re making sure your partners get tested as well: Your vagina won’t look dazzling with an STD. As with most things, you need to take care of the inside and outside. Encourage your partners to get tested and make sure you enforce…

2. Safe Sex. Don’t waste your crystals on someone who refuses to use protection – there are multiple ways to be accountable for your sexual health. Preventing unintended pregnancies may happen through male and female condoms, oral contraceptives, nuva rings, etc. Take care of yourself and be rigid about your sexual health.

3. Enjoy yourself. By this I mean – if you’re getting pressured and feeling uncomfortable about changing your body, perhaps it’s time to rethink your situation. Everyday we get hundreds of messages telling us to be pure in a certain way, or pretty in a certain way, or sexy in a certain way. What we need to be focusing on is how to feel good about ourselves and be good to our bodies. Consider your needs and comfort level first and foremost. If you feel amazing after a good wax, go for it! But if you’re doing it because other people tell you it’s the right thing to do, take a minute to consider how YOU feel.

Vajazzled or not, our vaginas are important and need to be taken care of! Keep them clean and embrace positive sexual health!


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