Bring Good Vibes to Your Valentine’s Day!

Originally published at Empowher.

Valentine’s Day – a day for flowers, chocolate…and vibrators?

That’s what researchers at TROJAN® Brand Sexual Health Products say in a new study about what couples will do on February 14th. 21 percent of couples will be using vibrators with their partners on Valentine’s Day, though half will be  headed to the classic dinner and movie night. The study also reveals that 20 percent of individuals will be curled up with their various friends: Ben, Jerry, Dreyer’s and other ice cream camaraderie.

The Valentine’s Vibrations Survey was conducted by StrategyOne, a New York City based communications agency. Over 1,000 men and women over 18 were surveyed.

According to Robyn Safran, Product Manager for TROJAN® Vibrations. “Whether used alone or as a way to bring couples closer together, vibrators are clearly playing an important role in America’s bedrooms.” The survey lists other popular accessories that folks plan on using on Sunday: candles, massage oils, whipped cream and fuzzy handcuffs.

And in case you were curious about your neighbor’s escapades, if you live in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, New York or Dallas-Fort Worth, you’re more likely to know couples spicing things up. Between 17 and 24 percent of vibrator-using respondents were from these five cities. The five cities are also more likely to purchase sex toys and vibrators come the 14th as well – gearing up for the year to come!

Vibrators are a great way to enhance sexual pleasure and to experience sexuality in a unique way with your partner. Being self-aware sexually allows you to communicate your needs more and make sure those needs are met by your partner, and vice versa.

The experience doesn’t have to be awkward – think of it as a fun and exciting way to get intimate! Check out your local sex toy shop, or head online with your significant other and see what piques the interest of you and your lover. You’ll feel good about being open with your partner, and the experience of shopping may already put a little spark in your engine!

Vibrators are also an excellent way to maintain your sexual health if you’re not coupled – self exploration proves to be immensely satisfying and allows women to feel confident in their sexuality – something that isn’t always reinforced by mainstream society.

So this Valentine’s Day, step out of the box of chocolates and flowers, and bring things to the bedroom that are new, or for many, a favorite!


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