New Years Eve: A Night for Emergency Contraception

As we wrap up the final year of a decade, a lot of us and our daughters, sisters and friends may be making big New Years Even plans. Your purse may be filled with everything from mini champagne bottles to cab fare, but you may want to consider picking up emergency contraception. Here’s why.

1. New Year’s Eve is the biggest night of the year for accidents with birth control. Everything from condoms to the pill are used less effectively on the night we ring in the New Year. Perhaps that combination of alcohol and partying result in more broken condoms, less effective birth control pills and maybe even foregoing safe sex procedures. Emergency contraception is a good way to stay safe and have fun – perfect combo!

2. Emergency contraception is easier to take than ever before: Plan B One Step is one pill taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. No longer does one need to take one pill then take the other 12 hours later. A generic form of EC is available as well.

3. Emergency Contraception is available over the counter to women over 17. No need to see a doctor and obtain a prescription.

4. Don’t Drop the Ball tells us to back up our birth control with this hilarious Grandma video. If you haven’t seen it, you need to! A little humor can be very educational.

5. Commitment to your sexual health should always be a New Year’s Resolution. You spent 364 days making sure you haven’t gotten pregnant – no need to get lazy that final day of the year.

6. Safe sex is sexy! Worry isn’t.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and make sure it’s safe! In the midst of taking cabs instead of driving drunk, and telling your friends where you’re going in case they lose track of you, you should back up your birth control as well. Your body will thank you.

Have a sexy and safe New Year’s Eve!!


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